What is Sortio?

What is Sortio?

Sortio is a cloud-based hub for work and communication. With easy-to-use tools for everyday operation, it's the choice for businesses who want one system instead of many.

Sortio keeps business at your fingertips.

Instead of using an individual app for email, notes, tasks, contacts, invoices, projects and time tracking, you can use Sortio — one system for everything. No more switching apps, no more syncing. Sortio brings all the tools together in one place.

Business at your fingertips

Sortio makes communication transparent.

Email is the most popular business communication tool — unfortunately, it lacks transparency. Unless your teammate sends you a copy of his client conversation, you won't know much. Now you will! In Sortio, every conversation is transparent so everyone involved can see it.

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Sortio keeps your notes together.

Project notes, phone call notes, meeting notes... you can never find the one you need. Now you will! In Sortio, you can finally keep the notes under one roof, organised and shared with your teammates.

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Notes together

Sortio helps you to get things done.

Need to get things done but can't recall the details? Now you will! In Sortio, every task is linked with the related contact, conversation, deal, project or note, so when you're ready to get it done, you'll have all the details you need.

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Sortio keeps deals and projects on track.

Not sure which deals need your attention? Don't know if projects are on track? Now you will! In Sortio, you'll have access to all the deals and projects — along with the notes, communication, tasks, invoices and other information related to them.

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Keep track of projects

Sortio chases payments for you.

Creating an invoice is a breeze. However, Sortio lets you even create repeating invoices. And if the client is late with a payment, Sortio can send them a reminder, too.

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Sortio knows your clients.

Don't know your clients well? Don't remember what emails have you sent them? What business have you done with them? Now you will! Sortio tracks every interaction with a client and makes this information available in an instant.

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Sortio knows your clients

Sortio lets you share ideas with your team.

Want to let your teammates know about important changes, upcoming events and other stuff? Don't have a place to post these things? Now you will! In Sortio, you can easily share your ideas and start a company-wide discussion.

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Sortio helps you find information faster.

Whenever you add information to Sortio, it's interlinked throughout the entire system so you can easily access it from various places. For example, if you send a project-related email, you'll find it in your conversations, in the client's conversations and in the related project.